We would like to offer you an exclusive opportunity to reach a usually unobtainable group of professionals.

What is an A-Z guide of Maternity Nurse Must Haves?

This is a ‘members only’ resource centre, packed with information and direct contact details of relative services & product providers- it is the little black book that Maternity Nurses have been needing for years.

Who are our members?

Qualified/Experienced Maternity Nurses and Midwives working in the private sector.
Newly qualified Maternity Nurses entering the profession, all of our members have to meet our joining criteria- ensuring they are the very best in the business

What does a Maternity Nurse do?

Maternity Nurses work in private homes all over the world, advising on all aspects of newborn and post-natal mother care- this usually includes producing a “baby list” which is a list of must have products and services for pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Our members are responsible for recommending products, services and professionals for a very niche clientele.

Who do they work with?

Predominantly Professional, High Net Worth clients and some specialise in working with VIP’s/Celebrities and Royalty.
A recent survey shows that the majority of our Members clientele fit into the following:
Money Rich, Time Poor- therefore allowing majority of purchases to be completed by the Maternity Nurse

What does the Maternity Nurse association do?

We provide our members with the following:

  • Access to Worldwide role specific insurance- the only one available!
  • Over 150 fact sheets for members to download
  • Visa/work restriction advice
  • Membership card for identification and member only benefits
  • Monthly newsletter packed with latest industry news
  • Maternity Nurse first aid courses
  • Full yearly programme of lectures & Conferences
  • A-Z resource packed with information about Must Have Services & Products

Who will advertise?

  • Pregnancy, Maternity, Birth and beyond product providers
  • Baby shops and Bespoke Boutiques
  • Classes and Private Children’s clubs
  • Private Medical Providers
  • Complementary Therapists
  • Businesses and services wanting to reach our members and their clients
  • Blogs and newsletters wanting more exposure such as minime and luxury

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